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Welcome Student Coordinators!
Online Movement Illustrations
10 Inappropriate Behaviors
Hall Directory
Broken Square Recovery
Club Directory
10 Commandments for Square Dancing
Square Dance Etiquette
Movement Checklist
Best Practices & Opportunities
How Students found out about lessons Dec 2022
Student Lesson Coordinator tasks.docx
Lesson Schedule 2023-2024.docx
Square Dance Lesson Program.pdf
New Students- Badge Fee and Dues.docx
Roster 2023 - Rev New.xls
Square Dance Web Site - Mount Baker Council.pdf
Square Dance Web Site - Mount Baker Council.pptx
New Dancer Information Form.docx
Fern Bluff Sq Dance Lessons Business Cards 2023 Sep.pptx
Fern Bluff SqDn Lesson Flyer 2023 Sep - 4 square.pptx
Fern Bluff SqDn Lesson Flyer Sep 2023.pptx
Square Dance Lesson Program.pptx
Mainstream 1-68 SqDn Moves-Sortable.xls
Graduation Certificate.pptx
Mainstream 1-68 SqDn Moves-Alphabetical Order.pdf
Mainstream 1-68 SqDn Moves-Caller Lab Order.pdf
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