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Washington Map w/Council AreaThe Mount Baker Square Dance Council promotes square and round dancing in the north Puget Sound region of Washington State (WA).  Serving Snohomish County, Skagit County, Whatcom County, Island County and San Juan County.

Dancer NamingThis site contains information on Square Dance Clubs, Dance Schedules, New Dancer Lessons and Level Dances in our region, and much more.  Navigate to your areas of interest by clicking (your mouse) on the buttons in the left margin or clicking on the "hyperlinked" text or graphics.



CallerLab LogoRoundalab Logo

CALLERLAB (International Association of Square Dance Callers) and ROUNDALAB (International Association of Round Dance Teachers, Inc.) have web sites with a lot of information for square dancers and round dancers.



Lee Barnhart's photo albums on the Photo Gallery page have been reformatted (with additional albums) and all the links are working now (click the refresh button if you don't see the changes).

Mask Requirements:

Many of the fliers on this web site say "masks required".  These fliers were posted before before our governor removed the mask mandate on March 12.  Most of the clubs are now saying "masks optional", unless the venue where they dance still requires masks.  If there are any clubs still requiring masks, let me know and I will post that here.

Al Jeschke
Computer Coordinator



Square and Folk Dance Federation of Washington's
Recommendations For a Safe Return to Square Dancing (pdf)

Square Dance Lessons & No Experience DancesMount Baker Council Square Dance Lessons

For those of you who may be interested in getting started in square dancing, be sure to see our lessons page, which lists the current dates and times for lessons offered by the square dance clubs in the Mt. Baker Square Dance Council.  Also see or watch a square dance demonstration video.

We have No Experience Dances in January, August and September and also a No Experience Dance Hall at most of our Mt. Baker Council dances.  Give it a try and find out what square dancing is all about.

HEY GUYS:  There are a lot more single women in square dancing than there are single men.  Think about taking our square dance lessons and join the fun.

Take a look at the videos below to see what square dancing is about (they're youtube videos and you can skip the ads).

70th national square dance convention highlights from



WA Square Dance Federation Pictures

The Square and Folk Dance Federation of Washington State has a new companion web site for sharing photos and videos.

[ NOTE !!: The site is still in it's infancy as a "Work-In-Progress" … so, the bulk of the "content" you can explore right now is under the RAINIER COUNCIL link below . Select the RAINIER COUNCIL link and then, as another example, select the SWINGNUTS Square Dance Club (under the "Clubs" heading) to get a better idea of what the site will look like once clubs start posting their own pictures and videos.

This site was created by, and will be maintained entirely by volunteers.

There is a primary "Admin" and (hopefully) a large number of Authorized Assistant Admins ("AAA's) representing the Councils and Clubs within the WA State square dance community.

Admin and "AAA" Responsibilities

No copyrighted pictures are allowed on the site (watermarking images to identify the originator is acceptable).Visitors to the site are welcome to comment on photos, and to download copies for their own use (or use the "BUY" button to order prints or merchandize directly from SmugMug).

Below is a letter from Lane Johnston (Publicity/Promotion chair for WA State Federation of Square and Folk Dancers).

Dear Club, Council, or Association President (or other officer);

I would like to request your help identifying “volunteer” Assistant Administrators for the companion website I’ve created for posting pictures taken at any square or round dance event across Washington State.

If you aren’t already aware of the website’s existence, I suggest reading the “Did You Know…” article on page 32 in the January issue of Footnotes online. Please explore the site a bit before reading further…the web address (URL) is  to see what it’s all about.

I would like to have 1 or 2 Assistant Administrators for each club, council, or association “on staff”.  They do not have to be website gurus…anyone comfortable surfing the web has the necessary skill to be successful as an Assistant Administrator. Their “job” will be to create a photo gallery and a “guest upload link”, ideally before a dance, to which photos taken by anyone at the dance can be easily uploaded to the gallery from cell phones or digital cameras. It only takes a few simple “clicks” to create a gallery and a guest upload can be done in less than two minutes. The guest upload link can be easily shared before, during, or immediately following a dance.

All I need from you is the name and email address for each volunteer Assistant Administrator you recruit for your club or council. I will send them a username & password that will allow them to access the website. I’ll include instructions for creating photo galleries.

It’s hoped that in a short period of time we’ll have a library of square dance pictures for every club and council in the state of Washington…all in one place, and accessible for viewing by any dancer without having to subscribe or login.

Since we’re traveling at the moment, I’m using my wife Gail’s laptop to send this email (her email address is ). Please respond using MY email address ( . It would be hugely appreciated if I could have several volunteer Assistant Administrators “on staff” within the next few weeks.


Lane Johnston (Publicity/Promotion chair for WA State Federation of Square and Folk Dancers)


Phone: (253) 200-4566

Cell/txt (425) 765-7013

"All Around Dancer" Fun Dangle

You Can Earn this Dangle to show that you are an all around dancer and have a great time sharpening your dance skills at the same time.
Round tuit dangle
All you have to do is Dance at 10 different clubs in Mt. Baker Council within 1 year span of time. (Level dances & Council dances may be included.) Present your signature sheet at the sign in desk of the club you visit to collect your signature. When you have ten signatures from ten different clubs including your own home club, present your signature sheet to your own club president. He/She will forward it to the Council via Council Delegate or you may send it directly to the Round Tuit Chairman; Cliff McCracken, 1900 Weaver Rd. M101, Snohomish, WA 98290.

Dangles are available from Mt. Baker Council at no cost to the club.  Click here for signature sheet.

Where's The Dance (
Find a Square Dance, Round Dance, Clogging, Contra or Line Dance Anywhere in the World.

The Mount Baker Square Dance Council is a member of the Square and Folk Dance Federation of Washington, Inc.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.The Square Dance is the official Washington State dance

On April 17, 1979, the square dance became the official Washington state dance. When the pioneers came west, they brought with them a dance called the quadrille, which means square in French. The pioneers liked the simpler term and so the square dance was born. The dance is known for its series of figures and footwork. Dancers are directed by a caller. It is easy to learn, a good form of exercise and fun.

License PlateSquare Dance License Plates
To become a proud owner of a SPECIAL SQUARE DANCER LICENSE PLATE all you have to do is take your vehicle registration or license "Renewal Notice" to your local friendly Department of Vehicle Licensing Agency. Tell them you are a Square Dancer and you want the special Square Dancer License Plate.

Be sure to send us your new plate number and identify your city and club name. You can send this information to the Program Coordinator:  Dick & Bonnie Blewett by
e-mail or call 360-877-5907.

Clubs - Partner with LiveHealthy2020

  What is LiveHealthy2020?

LiveHealthy2020 brings together a broad cross-section of partners representing diverse communities with one common agenda – to improve the health and economic vitality of Snohomish County by improving nutrition, increasing physical activity, enhancing mental and emotional health, and fostering civic health and connectivity by the year 2020 and beyond.

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By joining LiveHealthy2020, you partner with business, non-profit, government, health, education, faith, and others in your community who believe that when we work together around common goals, we can better leverage resources to make targeted and effective improvements for the health of all county residents.

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Ila Williams AwardNominations for the Ila Williams Memorial Award
It's time to start thinking about nominations for the Ila Williams Memorial Award.
Resumes should be passed on to or be presented to the current holder of the award.
Annual deadline will be February 1st.

Send resumes to: Lee & Lorna Barnhart <>




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